Mountain River Guides | Oh What a Wonderful Life-by Aaron Doyka
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Oh What a Wonderful Life-by Aaron Doyka

One thing you will notice during our Worley’s Cave adventure is how different voices sound.  Friends and family who you have been listening to for years will suddenly have for lack of a better term, a singing voice!  Why is this?  Believe it or not it is the reverberation from the cave walls.

Science tells us our brain senses the geometry of the room where sounds are being made. Evidence suggests that the size of a room, sensed through audio cues such as reverberation, affects our emotional response to neutral and nice sounds. We tend to perceive small rooms as being calmer, safer, and more pleasant than large spaces.  That’s why moderate reverberation is added to music.  Essentially it makes us feel enclosed and safe from the outside world.

Don’t believe us?  Watch the video below of Aaron Doyka singing for a group in one of the cave’s many rooms.  While Aaron is a good singer, he sounds absolutely incredible in this recording.  If you have ever sang in the shower come take a trip with us and try singing in a cave!